Sunday, February 7, 2010

Outside Last Evening

It rained most of yesterday, but there was a brief break in the clouds as the sun started to set. The wind was blowing briskly enough to push them quickly across the sky. This western view from the living room window enticed me outside with my camera.

Even on a gray day, Nature's colors still abound. This bougainvillea is tangled up in the orange tree and spills over the neighbor's fence onto our side.

The firewood pile is good and soaked but the wood still burns hot, just slower. We burn a mixture of pine and eucalyptus and whatever we've trimmed in the yard - ginkgo, carrotwood, and ficus benjamina.

This nasturtium is thriving in the rain and has wound itself up in the hose reel, heading up toward the kitchen window.

As the evening light faded, more layers of low rain clouds were moving in from the south.


steven said...

golden west i put my hands up to the screen - palms outwards - to catch some of the warmth. then i listened very carefully for the rain. i could do with rain!!!! so beautiful images!!!! steven

Rachel Fenton said...

My garden has borrowed bougainvillea from the neighbours, too! I have only one lemon and one fig growing though - oh, and two tomatoes! I should tend to them more!

The palms against the sky are very lovely.

Tracy said...

So much natural beauty in this post...and that sky at the end...*swoon*... Happy Week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))