Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Small Town Girls In The City

This picture was taken of my sister and me fifty years ago, on a major outing to the big city of San Diego. At the time, San Diego had a population of 450,000 and coming from a town of less than 5,000 residents, it seemed like a teeming metropolis to us.

This was before shopping centers existed and a visit to "Downtown" was a major event. Elevators in department stores had white gloved attendants who asked "Which floor, Miss?" and held the door while you stepped gingerly over the crack, not wanting to fall through.

San Diego had two major department stores - Marston's and Walker Scott's. Both went all out with the Christmas window displays and inside decorations. Each store had their own Santa and getting a photograph taken with him was a really big deal.


Tracy said...

Such a sweet photo, Golden West! And those were the days of shopping too--real shopping pleasure. My mother has similar stories of how exciting it was to go "downtown", when you went to individual store, before the advent of shopping centers and malls. I wish I'd been around then! Thank you for sharing... Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, I just posted some snow-dusting at my photo blog, if you need some snow for your Christmas dreams. :o)

steven said...

golden west - absolutely fantastic! i remember as a small boy travelling to manchester (i lived ine ngland at the time) to a huge shop and seeing the coloured lights, the traffic, all the people, the volume of toys and clothes and i was naturally so amazed that i can recall it in detail in my mind to this very moment!!! beautiful girls!!!! steven

Anonymous said...

Those were the days, to be sure. I can remember scenes like those as well. I like your description of the times.

Thanks too for visiting my blog.

Sweet Repose said...

Our downtown rivaled Chicago in many ways back in the day, beautiful millinery shops, butcher shops, mercantiles, opera houses, it's just a shell, beautiful old buildings await mismanagement and the recession we don't sad, but I remember back in the day going to the J.C.Pennys and Woolworth's soda bar...and scanning the skies for Santa on our way home from downtown...ahhhh, those were the days...I was always too shy to sit on Santa's lap, but I knew I'd been good(sorta)so he'd find me!!!

Thanks for the memories!

High Desert Diva said...

Ah....the matching Christmas outfits! Love this image of you and your sister.

BT said...

What wonderful memories. I always loved visiting Santa in a store and having my photo taken. It's a gorgeous photo of you and your sister.