Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Red, Green & White

Our favorite fruit stand was looking festive this week, with big, bushy Oregon Christmas trees and red chili garlands and wreaths from New Mexico.

Last evening, our visiting cat friend, Thomas, stopped by. He likes to go behind the Christmas tree and let his tail bump into ornaments. Next month will be 5 years ago that he first jumped in through our living room window and made our acquaintance.

He's really filled out over the years. After he had his usual bowl of cream, he let us know he was ready to mosey along.


High Desert Design Council said...

5 years of visiting. Lucky Thomas.

The Weaver of Grass said...

When we had a siamese cat GW, we decorated the tree and went out for the evening, leaving the cat in the house. When we returned he had stripped every bauble off the tree and scattered them about the room!

32˙North said...

Oh, Thomas!

Tracy said...'s looking so much like Christmas... And LOVE seeing Thomas! He is a beautiful boy...*sigh*... Our kitty Charlie is loving the Christmas tree skirt best--nice place to plunk down nap. ;o) Happy Weekend, Golden West ((HUGS))

BT said...

How lovely to have a visiting cat. Friendly yet independent. Fabulous display too.