Sunday, December 13, 2009

20th Century Barbershops ~ #20 In A Series

Of all the barbershop pictures, this is my personal favorite. Taken by Walker Evans in Atlanta, Georgia, in March, 1936, it brings to mind the saying, "If only these walls could talk".

This closes out the barbershop series that included the states of California, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Montana, New York, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, North Carolina, New Jersey, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Maryland, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The rest of the states will be forthcoming, eventually, when barbershop pictures of them surface.


steven said...

hi golden west - before i read the text of your posting today i thought boy if those walls could tell the stories that are hanging off them and especially those that are not visible but oh so very present!!! i laughed when i saw your words...... have a lovely day. steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes GW - a real spot of nostalgia there - I can almost smell the shaving soap (the old fashioned sort that came in a stick)