Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thomas' Bane ~ Meet The Imposter

The feline posing above is one of many neighborhood cats who use our yard as a shortcut to the field next door. The field has gophers and birds, possums and raccoons and is about as close to wild as it gets here in the suburbs.

Thomas is the neighborhood cat closest to our hearts. He comes and goes (often via the living room window) and we're always pleased for a visit. The cat in picture is NOT Thomas, but is the cat who consistently challenges Thomas' domination here. We've dubbed this furry fellow "The Imposter", because at first glance in evening or brightest light he can be mistaken for Thomas. The Imposter and Thomas mix it up frequently, not so much a real knock down drag out cat fight as a stand off with a lot of hissing and slinking about.

Their most intense head to head ever was on the neighbors' roof, with The Imposter forced into the chimney by Thomas, who stood over the opening on his hind legs with front paws swinging. After The Imposter was dispatched with his tail between his legs, the victorious Thomas cried like a baby when he couldn't find a way off the roof. Below, the scene of the epic battle.


steven said...

hi glden west - i love cat stories, especially those that include a scrap (real or imagined). cat's are my favourite animal and i love watching them when they don't realize their stories are being watched. have a lovely day out there. steven

Rachel Fenton said...

I'd be more scared of those prickles on the roof than trying to get down!

High Desert Diva said...

Oh...that's hysterical!