Monday, November 2, 2009

Flowers In The Garden

One of our favorite autumn bedding or container flowers is the viola. We started looking for them in September, but it wasn't until last week that they put in an appearance at our local garden center.

With pinching and fertilizer, these will bloom profusely right up to summertime.

We generally plant similar shades in clusters, as they'll form solid bands of color.

These mix beautifully with daffodils and irises, as the foliage is loose enough for the bulbs to grow up through and the violas' delicate greenery is a nice contrast to the strappy leaves of the bulbs.


steven said...

hi golden west - that's like balm for the chilled eastern canadian soul!! i can swivel my head ninety degrees and see roofs covered with frost, every shade of golden brown to chocolate brown leaves skittering across the lawns. thanks for this - post warmth!!!! steven

Tracy said... heart is doing happy dance... I just love violas...especially in the purples and whites. They are such sweet flowers... and your flower portraits of them here are so lovely. Happy week, Golden West! :o) ((HUGS))