Sunday, November 8, 2009

20th Century Barbershops ~ #15 In A Series

In a 1950s photograph by Mary Celestia Parler, we see Fred. C. Smith on fiddle and his friend on guitar being recorded for posterity in the Bentonville, Arkansas Oriole Barber Shop.

Also from the 1950s, this Robert Frank photograph of a barber shop in McClellanville, South Carolina was shot through a screen door.

Below is an undated photograph of a St. Louis, Missouri barbershop located in a motel. It has a touch of the mad scientist look about it.


Mary said...


Anonymous said...

Love the barber shops
So fascinating.
I know Arkansas quite well. I used to stay in Eureka Springs quite often.

Rachel Fenton said...

The reflection in the doorway is very atmospheric. Great images.