Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer In October

We had a brief taste of autumn, then all the sudden Mother Nature had other ideas. Yesterday was in the high 70s and the tides were extremely low, so it was a perfect day to join my sister and her granddaughter on the beach. My sis saves all her bread scraps for the gulls and they didn't waste any time flocking around.

These youngsters were happy with the sunshine, sand and snow cones.

My sister lives here in town, in the same neighborhood where we grew up . We walked the familiar streets and trod over the autumn leaves from the same trees we used to ride under on our bikes. As children, we relished their crackling sound as we passed over them with our spinning wheels.

This plumeria blossom caught my eye as we rounded the corner to my sister's street.


Frances said...

I do love plumeria and weather in the 70's.
Yikes it's freezing here in New York.
So glad you dropped by the daytrippers.

Tracy said...

It's incredible how summer and autumn are happy together there just now...That plumeria is gorgeous--such a sweet flower! It's been very cold here--and windy...bbbrrr...Happy weekend, Golden West :o) ((HUGS))

steven said...

hello golden west, we haven't had our usual warm autumn days yet. it's gone cool then cold and stayed there. so it was nice to visit the beach with you. the plumeria blossom - gasp!!!! steven

High Desert Diva said...

Crazy weather, eh?

Snowed here on Tuesday, by Friday it was 78 degrees outside......