Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stand Up Paddling

My daughter has loved the beach and the ocean since she was just a tot and she still gets in the water year round, as often as possible. Long boards, shortboards, and now stand up paddle boards - whatever works best for that day's conditions. Generally the stand up paddle boards are used for just paddling, but here she gets a nice noseride on hers.

The water is still warm enough for just a wetsuit jacket, but that's due to change at any time. On cooler days, as the air temperature drops, a full wetsuit becomes mandatory.

This wave is feathering in yesterday's late afternoon autumn sunshine. Surfing is one of those endeavors that satisfies on multiple levels - physically, mentally, good for the soul and just plain fun.

Thanks to neighbor Kevin for the outstanding pictures. In addition to capturing these water shots, Kevin also hand builds the stand up paddle boards from start to finish.


Tracy said...

That paddle-boarding looks like fun! :o) Kevin's boards are works of art--a treat to see! Thanks for sharing... Happy Day, Golden West ((HUGS))

steven said...

i've got to share these pics with my skateboarding son. what a cool sport - do you ever get up on a board golden west? steven

Dan Gurney said...

Very cool. That's your daughter?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely photographs. She looks so expert, but then (like ski-ing) if you grow up doing it it almost becomes second nature, doesn't it?
The moral of course is to start young at whatever skills you wish to perfect (trouble is you often don't realise you would like to do it until you are an adult).