Monday, October 26, 2009

On The Beach

We're having a nice spell of warmer than usual weather, sort of Indian Summer. My daughter stopped by and took me along with her to the beach.

There's a tangle of morning glories that grow along the top of the cliff above the beach. The late afternoon sun set this one alight.

These little shore birds flock together. When the waves recede, they follow, quickly digging for sand crabs, then turn tail and run away as the next wave comes in.

The curlews take their time and are more solitary.

Even though the tide was outgoing, a few of the waves pushed the water up all the way to the cliff, so it was good to be barefoot.

Once she'd had her share of waves, we headed up the stairs for home.


Tracy said...

Wonderful photos... and can almost feel the gentle warmth from the sun...mmm... It's cold over here...bbbrrr... Happy Day, my friend :o) (HUGS)) N

steven said...

hello goden west - well they're all beautiful pictures. the morning glory is a stunner that took my breath away!!! have a lovely evening out there. steven

High Desert Diva said...

Oh...the beach...