Saturday, October 24, 2009

Neighborhood Color

My best friend Susan stopped by yesterday and she joined me and my daughter on a walk through the neighborhood.

The photo above is of a silk floss tree. The blossoms on these trees look similar to orchids, and as you might imagine, these flowers are great favorites of hummingbirds.

We spotted an apple tree, loaded with fruit. Apple trees aren't terribly common in this area - we have mostly citrus and avocado trees.

This coreopsis was radiating sunshine.

Our neighborhood has a mixture of old concrete streets and newer asphalt ones. No telling when or which pilgrim came this way.

This flower was growing in an empty field. It's a weed, but as pretty as any flower growing in anyone's garden.


steven said...

hi golden west, it's funny that isn't it - that the weeds are often just as or sometimes even more beautiful than the cultivated flowers. they're rougher edged, clearly not as refined, but they have an honest beauty about them that i find really appealing. thanks for taking us along. have a lovely day. steven

Barry said...

Weeds or plants, flowers bring grace and beauty to our day. The world would be a very drab place without them.

And blogs would not be half as interesting without such beautiful photos.

Tracy said...

Lovely floral delight, Golden West...such a happy post :o) Hope you're having a great weekend ((HUGS))