Monday, October 5, 2009

Evening On The Beach

There hasn't been much surf these past few weeks, but that hasn't kept my daughter out of the water. The warm ocean temperature is hanging on, but not for long, as wetsuit weather is fast approaching. If the waves are no good, her surf sessions usually last as long as it takes me to walk 2-3 miles on the beach. Above, she takes the last one all the way to the shore.

One of our best surfing beaches is also a favorite spot for wedding photographers.


acornmoon said...

Great photo's of sunnier climes.

I love the little bird below, is it a finch? It looks like a seed eating bird judging by the shape of its bill.

Tracy said...

Such lovely photos...the light and waves delight, Golden West! :o) Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

steven said...

golden west, i'm biking with three layers on top - four on bottom now. seeing these pictures made me remember hot hot days when i couldn't down enough water. sweet pic of the sweet pic being taken of the loving couple. steven