Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn's Bounty

With Halloween just a week or so away, it was time to choose a pumpkin. Our local fruit stand always has a great selection and they go all out with a pumpkin display with a tractor, bales of hay,stalks of corn and painted murals. Once the pumpkins clear out, it won't be long until the same space is filled with Christmas trees!

In the meantime, we're happy with our locally grown watermelons, strawberries, avocados and hand made fresh tortillas.


Tracy said...

Look at the mini sea of beautiful pumpkins! I just love pumpkins--they're just such happy veggies! That sounds silly maybe... but you can't help but smile when your see a bunch of pumpkins like that. :o) Your fruit looks/sounds like it has a great many treats to offer... I've like a bit of those fresh tortillas...mmm... Happy Eating...and Happy Day ((HUGS))

acornmoon said...

It looks so nice and warm and sunny where you are, please send a bit our way!

I love the hummingbird below,

Sweet Repose said...

I always enjoy day tripping with you, you just have the best stuff to gander at!

Thanks for the kind words.