Sunday, October 18, 2009

20th Century Barbershops ~ #12 In A Series

The picture above was taken by Paul Vanderbilt in Spring, 1937, during the depths of the Great Depression. The barbershop, with the shoeshine stand out front, was on the corner of 19th and Bainbridge Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The striped ball at the top spins and is very unusual.

That same Spring, 1937, Arthur Rothstein made the picture below in Birmingham, Alabama. Both photographers worked for the Farm Services Administration, capturing scenes of daily life in America.

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steven said...

hello golden west - dry dusty days! i've never had a shoe shine and i hadn't really thought about that until i saw this photo. i remember a gentleman in downtown toronto who had a shoeshine stand outside one of the big old hotels. i imagine there are still places where one could get a shoe shine. have a peaceful day. steven