Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Animals In The Neighborhood

The wind picked up early yesterday morning, and the waves were blown out, so instead of going to the beach for a surf, my daughter joined me for a walk through the neighborhood. We both took cameras along in case we saw anything bloggable. She'll be cross posting her pictures over at her blog, 32degreesn, if you want to see what caught her eye. Here's what caught mine.

If you look closely at the top picture, toward the back that's two Shetland ponies in their little corral. They live at the crest of the hill behind our house.

This golden lab started thumping his tail as soon as he heard our voices. He looked like he was waiting for his master to come home and was eager for some company.

These geese must honk at whomever walks by. Their little pond is just beyond the curb, so they don't miss a thing.

Tomorrow, a look at what we saw growing, then on Wednesday, a peek at some of the neighborhood houses. Thanks for coming along!

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32˙North said...

That goose looks aggressive! Thank goodness for the fence. I posted a picture of you taking a picture of him...