Friday, September 25, 2009

In The Water And Out

It's not uncommon to see a picture of my daughter on this blog, either surfing, paddling, or gardening. What isn't shown is how hard she works at her business, which is mostly centered around Christmas. She's loved Christmas and it's traditions since she was a little girl, and it pleases me to see her making her living doing something she loves.

Below is her first effort at a how-to video, showing how to make a pine cone Santa Claus. Neighbor Kevin shot the video, and to my mind, they did a really great job.


steven said...

hello golden west, see this could be labelled "the best of both worlds". surfing and christmas. who knew!!!! steven

Tracy said...

That tutorial video is fantastic! Your daughter really did an excellent job presenting how to make one of your special items. Kudos to Kevin on the fie filming also. Your daughter looks relaxed whilst taking that wave--and very fit too! Bathing suit season is over here...I've got a sweater on--LOL! Happy weekend to you all there ((HUGS))

Delwyn said...


Your daughter's commercial ideas are cute. I wish her well..

Happy days