Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Growing In The Neighborhood

Here are some of the random plants in our neighborhood, shown in the order that we saw them. Above, lichee! If you have never eaten this delectable fruit and have the opportunity, do give it a try. They're ready to eat when they're bright red - delicious!

Citrus fruits grow well here and are very common - grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, lemons and limes grow all year.

These melons grow wild, especially down by the railroad tracks.

These are pyracantha berries - loved by birds and excellent for Christmas wreaths and garlands.

These splendid purple flowers were draped and tumbling over a wooden fence.

Tomorrow, a look at some of the typical beach type houses. My daughter is posting pictures she took on this same walk, over on her blog, 32 Degrees North.


steven said...

hello golden west!! i love lichee fruit but i've only ever had them out of a tin! oh poor me!!! i bet that when they're fresh they're mind blowing!!!! lucky you. have a peaceful day out there. steven

Ann said...

Are people in America growing lychees, used to be from China. We get Thailand ones here.

There is a small same family longans, sweeter.

Tracy said...

Lichees...delicious! Pity Norway is not ideal for growing this fruit, as I love them! Such a rich mix of colors, tastes and textures today, Golden West! What are those purple star-shaped flowers? They are lovely. Thanks for taking on this walk. :o) Hoping over to see your daughter's photos... Happy Day ((HUGS))

32˙North said...

Great colors! It was hard to not take all the same pictures as you. I did get a good one of you taking that melon picture.

Delwyn said...


That purple creeper is out in flower here too at present and draping itself down walls and fences so beautifully mauve...I will have to find its name...

Happy Days