Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dropping In For Lunch

Our town is anchored on both ends by freshwater lagoons that are open to and flushed by the Pacific Ocean. These lagoons attract thousands of birds, many of whom make a home there, and others who stop to rest as they migrate seasonally north or south on the great Pacific Flyway.

Chris Mayne
is a local photographer who specializes in images of birds. He took this picture of a western gull catching a fish, reflected in the calm surface of the lagoon.


Sweet Repose said...

Been so busy with soaps, that I haven't been to my favorite sites...I always enjoy the history of your beautiful state, I always dream of living by the water...the Mississippi would do, but the flooding nearly every year is mind boggling...beautiful gull shot.

Have a great weekend!!!

steven said...

hello golden west, how crazygood is that photograph?!!!! what a moment!!!! have a peaceful day out there. steven