Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beginnings And Endings

It's finally cooled down enough to do some trimming and weeding in the garden. Much to my surprise, freesias are already sprouting! At this rate, we may have blossoms by Christmas. We generally plant some spring bulbs in October and sometimes as late as December, mostly to replace what the gophers ate the year before. Daffodils and freesias have naturalized, so to have a 3 inch sprout this early may mean we're in for an unusual autumn, and hopefully, a wet winter. Time will tell.

These late summer evenings have had some spectacular sunsets. The one below was last night, out the living room window.

And below, as the colors faded, standing on the wall in the front yard.


steven said...

golden west - lush rich lavish spectacular are words that come from these images of front and back of house. my garden will be under two to three feet of snow by christmas! the evergreens will be all the eveidence of plantlife there is!!! enjoy your day!!! steven

Tracy said...

What a view...what a sky! Pure delight... I'd love to see your garden--you have such a great green thumb! Happy Weekend, Golden West :o) ((HUGS))