Sunday, September 13, 2009

20th Century Barbershops ~ #7 In A Series

These three photographs were all made by Marion Post Wolcott for FDR's Works Progress Administration, under the direction of the Farm Service Administration, in their efforts to document American life during the Great Depression.

The top photograph was made in November, 1939, on Main Street in Oxford, North Carolina and shows a dapper proprietor in front of his "Harlem Barber Shop". In August, two years later, Wolcott made the photograph below of a section of the downtown of Homestead, Montana. It shows a barbershop, store and the local post office.

The miners' union established the barber shop below for their members in Scotts Run, West Virginia. Marion Post Wolcott photographed it for posterity in September, 1938.

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steven said...

hi golden west, the first one would get my business. two nicely lettered signs, a clock!!! at least one employee besides the owner and he's dressed very nicely. have a peaceful day out there. steven