Saturday, August 15, 2009

What Yesterday Looked LIke

My mom joins me once a week for a walk on the beach. Yesterday the tide was low and due to the large swells we had last week, a lot of kelp had washed in. The waves push and pull the strands into clumps and piles and some they drape artfully across the sand.

Our beaches are at the bottom of 60 foot cliffs. Some are bare sandstone, rugged and wind carved, while in other places the vegetation has taken hold and plants with a high tolerance for salt grow wild.

Summer is winding down and even the flowers are taking on the colors of autumn.

Thomas came by. He came in the back door, had a bowl of cream, exited via the living room window, and once he'd checked the bird bath, made his way down the front path, heading home.


32˙North Supplies said...

I love how Thomas's back leg is blurred as he moves. Very cool!

steven said...

the kelp and the cliffs - oh, i can smell the sea and hear the waves! yes autumn is coming ever so gently here as well. little little pieces like the colours of leaves, the drying up of the ground, the plants going to seed and the canada geese doing practice runs overhead. mmmm hmmmm. it's coming! have a lovely day. steven