Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out And About

On a flawless summer morning, business took us south early yesterday. Work completed meant a leisurely drive home along the Coast Highway. Heading north, down the steep grade at Torrey Pines, that's the Pacific Ocean ahead, with a misty fog bank still lingering. These pictures were taken through the windshield as we motored home.

This bronze statue along the Coast Highway was commissioned by our local government in an effort to enrich our lives through art. The statue generates unrelenting derision and disdain from the surfing community, who delight in sabotaging it on holidays. All in good fun, it's been dressed in a pink tutu, Santa hat, Mexican wrestlers' mask, and transformed into a makeshift Uncle Sam for the 4th of July.

The last picture shows summer tourists downtown, photographed surreptitiously as we rounded the corner for home.


steven said...

hi, there's something special about views down a road towards the sea. the smells, tastes, feelings and associations of all sorts come pouring in!! i love that the surfers have commandeered that statue every so often. that's where the real creativity comes in!!!! have a lovely day. steven

Tracy said...

LOVE that looong look down the road, and those sapphire skie...mmm...That sculpture is very exciting and dynamic. No doubt those tourists are enjoying all the seaside delights there. Glad your had a grand day and good work. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Eryl Shields said...

That blue!

I am reminded of trips to Brighton as a child: the discomfort of the hot car would melt away as we got to the top of the hill that revealed we had arrived: 'The sea!' we would all shout in unison.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The very words Pacific Ocean seem so very exotic to us here in the UK - I have seen it once, at Vancouver - and I have tasted its salmon - both have left me wanting more.

Sweet Repose said...

What a beautiful view of the sea...all I view is the green ocean of corn stalks flowing in the summer has it's appeal and a great sweet smell when the pollen is blooming...thanks for the tour!