Monday, August 24, 2009

Appreciating Clouds

The top picture was taken by Merrick Davies in Hammer Springs on the South Island of New Zealand. The photograph below was made in Schiehallion, Scotland by Ken Prior.

If you appreciate the beauty of clouds, you may want to check out Extraordinary Clouds by Richard Hamblyn, or the book below, from the Cloud Appreciation Society.


steven said...

hello!!! i visit the cloud appreciation society on a regular basis. i love clouds as visitors to my blog will attest!!! it is astonishing to me the variety of cloud. i love that at the c.a.s. site they explain how the clouds are formed, why they have those odd names and even show some clouds that only form in specific places on earth. a treasure trove!!!!! have a lovely day. steven

Dave King said...

Stunning photographs. Really quite unbelievable, I thought the second one was a painting at first. I shall check out the link an d thanks for the book info.

steven said...

hello me again!! i came across this story today on wired magazines online page and thought of your posting here: here's the link.
how cool is that?!!! steven

Tracy said...

Those skies are incredible...Don't think I've every seem such before! I love it stars or clouds. I must check this link... And I must show this post to my husband tonight--he will get a kick out of it too, as we sky-gaze together. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))