Sunday, August 16, 2009

20th Century Barbershops ~ #3 In A Series

Edwin Rosskam captured the photograph of a dapper young man passing a barbershop on the streets of Chicago in 1941. The photograph was made for the Office of War Information, under the auspices of the Farm Services Administration, to document life across the country during the Great Depression.

Out West, in 1936, a wooden half barrel sufficed as a booster seat in the makeshift community barbershop of a migrant workers' camp in Kern County, California. This photograph was made that November by the celebrated Dorothea Lange.

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steven said...

hi! these are such interesting photographs in terms of the tone of the people in them. the first has a calm, peaceful feeling about it while the second has edge. lots of edge like something or someone is about to blow!!!! thanks for sharing. steven