Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Summer Night in 1968

Surely you've never wondered what this blogger was doing on this night in 1968. But truth be told, the answer is - going with my friend Kirk to see Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground double-billed with Quicksilver Messenger Service at the San Diego Hippodrome.

Located at the corner of Front and West G Streets, the Hippodrome was a grand old relic from the days of great theaters built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Unfortunately, it gave way to the wrecking ball of urban renewal many years ago. It was a great venue - dark and loud! Back then, Quicksilver, being from San Francisco, was the more familiar and popular band, at least in San Diego, and was the band with top billing.

Their music holds up remarkably well, 41 years later. Pride of Man, Mona, Gold & Silver and Who Do You Love are all well worth another listen.

The original concert poster pictured above was printed in black on silver paper and created by artist Rebecca Galdeano.

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