Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seeing With A Brush

When my daughter was growing up, one of the local moms used to give art lessons in her back yard. It's over 20 years later now, the children are grown, and Carole Mayne travels extensively, blending colors and capturing shadows and light. Her oil painting above is called Antico Venezia.

Carole painted the oil above much closer to home. That's a westerly view to the Pacific Ocean at the San Elijo Lagoon.

My daughter, Carole's long ago student, painted the picture above of her favorite local surf spot, Swamis.


Tracy said...

The title and subject matter here today makes my heart sing...Carole has a splendid way with a brush! Lately I am taking forays back into fine art...tentative strokes with pencil, charcoal and pastel after many years hiatus in favor of needle & fiber arts. This post has inspired me--Thank you! Happy Day :o)

High Desert Diva said...


Sweet Repose said...

Wow what talent. It isn't an easy thing to paint a landscape, she definitely has the knack, hope she's still painting!