Monday, July 20, 2009

Foolproof Flower Gardening ~ #16

This hardy perennial is called Golden Feathers. It is neither golden nor feathery, but this miniature chrysanthemum is hardy and a dependable bloomer that reseeds itself profusely. It has a delicate, apple green foliage that sets it apart from other flowering plants and it mixes well in borders. The daisy-like flowers are rather generic, but its rapid growth, ability to fill in gaps and the sheer number of blossoms make it a choice garden performer.

If the plant gets leggy, cut it back to almost nothing and it will regenerate and bloom time after time. It's not the greatest cut flower, but the color of its foliage makes it a beautiful addition to bouquets. Once you introduce this hard working flower into your garden, it's there to stay. You can gather the seeds and scatter them or transplant seedlings that have come up on their own.


Tracy said...

Those are sooo sweet! I've not had this one before in my garden... the flower are a bit like chamomile flowers too, aren't they? Thanks for the gardening tips... Happy week! :o)

acornmoon said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog all the way from the Pacific Rim!

We have a plant like that here in Britain, we call it Feverfew, it is a herb and is very pretty I think and easy to grow.

You have some amazing photographs from the depression, not that many moons ago either.