Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Neighbor

Our one and only squirrel is making himself at home. It only just dawned on us that more than just the firewood pile attracted him - we forgot to take into account the macadamia nut tree with the branches that hang over the back wall. You would think that a nut with a shell so hard you have to crack it with a hammer on the concrete would be low on a squirrel's list, but obviously not. The picture shows him with a mouthful of macadamia, shell and all.

He's getting quite bold for such a little guy. He stands at the top of the woodpile and cranes his neck to see what's going on over the fence. His curiosity isn't deterred by cars pulling up or down the driveway. We're hoping that the giant hawk that frequents the nearby towering Torrey pine will give him a pass and concentrate instead on the field mice.


Sweet Repose said...

As I read the title, I thought, oh no neighbors from hell...but as the picture downloaded SLOWLY, the face of the heathen appeared, I laughed out loud, what a diligent little cute!

I have many squirrels, all born in my old catawba tree, they drive Scratchy crazy...and they knock all of my plums out of the trees with their antics, but we all can use a good laugh from our little 'heathen' neighbors, can't we. Hope the hawk stays away!

Have a great week!


High Desert Design Council said...

Pretty cute!