Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Evening on The Beach

My daughter stopped by last evening and took me along for a walk on the beach while she surfed. The top picture is looking south from the 5 story staircase that zig zags down the cliff to the sand. That's La Jolla in the hazy distance. Most of the tourists had packed it in for the day and the beach had wide open spaces.

Walking north, the sandstone cliffs seep water all year, making them slick and shiny. They crumble randomly, which poses an ongoing problem for the houses built along the top.

The moss that grows along the base of the cliffs is an eye-popping chartreuse green color, almost neon, and as soft as velvet.

These tourist girls were intently photographing their friend striking a pose on a reef with the waves splashing behind her.

The ocean's warming up, but it's still cold enough for a full length wetsuit. My daughter grabbed a quick shower to get the salt off and we were up the stairs and headed back home.


High Desert Design Council said...

I love long walks on a quiet beach

High Desert Diva said...


Tracy said...

Just love the beach... love that misty distant view--super photos! Happy Day :o)