Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Tenacious Strawberry

Here is a beautiful old lithographed image of strawberries from New York City, circa 1868. Interestingly, the people who designed, engraved and printed the label sold the berries, as well.

The garden variety of strawberries so widely available to us today got their start in early 18th century Europe as an accidental cross between two varieties. Much about strawberries remains unchanged 300 years later. They are still picked by hand and usually graded and packed in the field.

The plants and fruit are more delicate than you might think. Over 200 pests, including beetles, moths, mites, aphids, slugs, weevils and fruit flies routinely attack the crops and the fruit is easily damaged.

Currently, the United States, Russia and Spain are the world's top three producers.

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Sweet Repose said...

The robins continue to be my worst problem, but tin pie pans beating in the wind and a fake reptile really do help. You'll often see me fly out the door to chase a brave soul from my patch...not a pretty site!!!

have a wonderful Sunday, think I'll go pick berries!