Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meanwhile, Across The Pond

Yesterday we took a look at staid, practical American fashions for young women who wanted to ride when bicycles first became widely available in the late 1800s. Although innovative for their day, let's face it, they're pretty boring. At the same time, the French were being sold on the idea of biking in a much more freewheeling manner.

Artists of the day, commissioned for advertisements to promote sales of bicycles, created lithographed posters incorporating the contemporary art nouveau style. Beautiful, carefree women in flowing gowns were featured, reveling in the freedom afforded by their Clement bicycles.

These French posters are circa 1890.


Elizabeth said...

All I could think was gosh how awful if bits of the gauzy drapery got caught in the spokes!
Happy weekend.

JC said...

I like the old posters.

High Desert Diva said...