Saturday, May 2, 2009

Down Home In Duxbury

This is the circa 1653 home* of John Alden, located in Duxbury, Massachusetts. John was a carpenter and cooper on the Mayflower when it was docked in England and when the Pilgrims set sail, John Alden went along. Some say it was because he had a major crush on Priscilla Mullens, a passenger who had also caught the eye of Miles Standish, the Pilgrim's leader.

The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts in 1620 and John Alden was the first to set foot on land. He and Priscilla were married in 1622. Their oldest son, John, became a ship's captain and was accused of witchcraft in Salem. He spent 15 weeks in a Boston jail and escaped to New York just prior to the execution of the other accused. Upon his eventual return, he was exonerated.

The home of John and Priscilla is still owned by their 7th generation descendants. They have the most descendants of any of the original Pilgrim families.

*That floral tablecloth just doesn't look right for the period. It looks more like 1953 than 1653.

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Tracy said...

I love the feeling of this room! But no, that table cloth is definitely not period to the house--LOL! I really enjoyed this post and the history learned. You have a great blog, and I look forward to visiting again! Happy Weekend :o)