Monday, May 18, 2009

Down Along Sunset Cliffs

Business took us south earlier in the week, and with some time before our appointment, we hiked a bit around Sunset Cliffs. This area is at the very tip of Point Loma, which is along the north side of San Diego Bay. The cliff is tall and steep, crumbling in a lot of places, with fingers that jut out into the sea and hidden coves with sandy beaches. This stretch of coastline has a lot of ridable waves and the view from so high above the water is sweeping and spectacular.

Sandy trails follow the cliff top and curve inland when the edge is too treacherous. The terrain is typical coastal California chaparral - lots of low lying, drought tolerant shrubs, native grasses and an occasional eucalyptus grove.

The wind whips up the cliffs off the water, but the ocean stays calm, as thick kelp beds grow just outside the surf line.


High Desert Diva said...

I never tire of looking at the sea

Longboard said...

Dear Daughter of the Golden West, Thank you for your (literally) delightful and gentle blog, which comes up first on my Blogs tab every morning. I enjoy reading your entries about flower gardening, walks along ocean cliffs, snippets of history, and the beach. Your posts tend to make me homesick for California, where I lived for fifteen years, surfing the coast from Point Dume to San Diego. (I started to surf at 30, and my short board is 7'10".) I loved the vegetation where I lived in the Hollywood Hills, but my major concession to horticulture was beekeeping, which yielded an abundance of honey and pollen. Having recently married, the cost of living, taxes, and finally firsthand experience with the 1992 riots convinced us to take refuge in Florida, where we could afford a house on the beach(!). Truth be known, I still miss Southern California, and I appreciate your humble account of daily life there. Please keep it up! Blessings, Chris