Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beet Goes On

Another photograph by Lewis Hine, documenting child labor across 32 states, this time in 1915, outside Ft. Collins, Colorado. Mr. Hine's own caption reads thus: "The prarie-wagon home of a family of itinerant beet farmers now camped near Ft. Collins, Colorado. The children 7-8-10 and 12 work steadily and I saw the tiny girl pulling beets after sunset on the following Sunday and they had not yet finished. The father told me "We got squeezed out of the mountains." One of the neighbors said they had been chased out because they wouldn't send their children to school. They are living on the edge of Ft.Collins and they boldly work the children in violation of the school law. They came from Log Cabin,Colorado. Oct. 30, 1915."

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Sweet Repose said...

My paternal Grandfather was born in a sod house in Julesburg, CO. and rode a horse to work. He went back years later after moving to Iowa and gathered a bit of dirt from the ol' Granny always said, don't let 'em tell ya they were the good 'ol' days! Cool post!

PS...I'm with you and Willow, the door stays green. I would never paint over an old surface like this one, but was curious who would say what...ha! Thanks for the comment!