Thursday, May 14, 2009

Along The San Dieguito River

There were still plenty of native flowering plants blooming along the San Dieguito River this past weekend. The coastal daisy, above, thrives all over the southland and reseeds profusely.

The tangle of orange, called Witch's Hair, is an airborne parasite that survives by attaching itself to other plants. It is common along the low coastal hills and easy to spot by its bright orange color.

This yellow flower grows abundantly on a large woody shrub. Drought tolerant, the plants thrived despite our sparse rain this year.

This native is new to me. It is a ground cover with clusters of small, starlike flowers, with grayish green leaves.

And lastly, the mighty dandelion, whose parachute-like seeds are easily carried on the breeze and insure it thrives around the world. The bane of many gardeners, the dandelion is actually a very versatile plant that can be eaten in salads, made into wine or brewed for tea.

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Cool Photos !!!