Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Local Fruit Stand

La Costa Farms is just over the hill, along the lagoon. It's been there over 20 years, selling produce from local farmers. The owner has local sources for year round raspberries, watermelons, avocados, strawberries, tomatoes and oranges. Seasonally, he offers local asparagus, plums, nectarines, black berries, pomegranites and cantaloupes. The apples, blueberries, pineapples, peaches and bananas come from elsewhere, but they're always fresh.

During the autumn, to the delight of local school kids, the crew turn part of the parking lot into a giant pumpkin patch, complete with bales of hay and pumpkins of every size and shape. Shortly thereafter, they string lights all around and bring on the Christmas trees, from 2 to 20 feet tall, flocked or plain, all infused with the aroma of the forest.

But what really sets it apart from other fruit stands is that any strawberry that accidentally falls off the counter and onto the ground is quickly gobbled up by the owner's sweet, (not so) little Pekingese dog.

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Ann said...

water melons, they are my son's favourite.

What about the pineapple? I presume they are imported from hawaii? Just been doing a session on pineapples with my students, they polynesians do a pineapple sundae in a big way. One pineapple with gigantic scoops of icecream.

BTW, I did a workshop on phonetics. They got us LOl when they pronounced PI NE AP P LE