Thursday, April 2, 2009

It Was A Cardiff Morning

Yesterday morning's beach walk was gray and chilly, more like late autumn than early spring. The tide was way low and the surf blown out early, but that didn't stop a few tourists on rental boards from going out. A couple of stand up paddlers took advantage of the uncrowded conditions.

Late last week there was a shark sighting a mile north, at Swamis. A dorsal fin was spotted inside the line-up, where the surfers wait for the next set of waves. Most everyone realizes that sharks are out there, all the time, and always have been, but having one appear suddenly was enough to clear the water of even the most intrepid. Let's hope the kelp beds are bountiful enough to keep the hungriest sharks further offshore and satisfied eating fish.

The picture is of Cardiff Reef, one of the most popular California surf spots. You can also see the Coast Highway and the railroad tracks that both cross the San Elijo lagoon, which empties into the ocean at the Reef.

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