Friday, April 24, 2009

Coronado Surfers

Back in 1962, when this photograph was taken by Tom Keck, the surfing community in Coronado was small enough that every surfer knew one another. Before the Bay Bridge was built, access to Coronado was by ferry boat, which had a tendency to keep their surf breaks isolated from surfers who lived elsewhere. Due to the prevailing ocean currents, the water in Coronado is always at least 5 degrees colder than up the coast, so a few of the Coronado kids would cross San Diego Bay by ferry boat and catch the train north, sack lunches and surfboards in hand, to surf around here for the day. Friendships were forged with area surfers that last to this day.

Of course, the kids in the picture grew up and although a lot of them stopped surfing when they became doctors, lawyers, musicians and construction workers, most of them have retained their love of the ocean and passed it along to their own children.


Ann said...

The swim suits and the surf boards have changed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daughter - We have a 7 year old project called "Coronado Kids" (CK). It can be found at Facebook in the San Diego Network and also at We'd be happy to have participate in the project if you have an interest. Our archive director studied your surfers picture and we could not identify anyone. Do you have the names of the surfers by chance?

Glen F. Pritchett
CHS Class of 1963
Archiving "Coronado Kids" so as never to be forgotten.