Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Friend In Deed

This is Susan. Even though we both grew up in the same small town, we met 3,000 miles from home when we were teenagers, when she rented me a room on Maui for $30 a month. We've been best friends ever since and she's godmother to my daughter.

She's never thought of herself as remarkable. Many would beg to differ. She had a house completely blown away by a hurricane and started over from scratch. She took up windsurfing in her 30s and learned to snow ski in her 40s. She was the cooking assistant to one of the top chefs in Hawaii and was making noodles from scratch before we even knew pasta machines existed.

We've ridden bikes together the length of Yosemite Valley, clambered through lava tubes on the Big Island, and gotten lost hiking in the back country of Kauai during a torrential downpour.

We've been friends for 40 years now. The best part is, we always find something to laugh about. Today's her birthday. Wishing her many happy returns of the day!


High Desert Diva said...

Happy Birthday to Susan

(and I'd really like a room on Maui for $30/month!)

High Desert Diva said...

Want to email me? (can't find your email addy) I'll give you the Italy update!

SteveO said...

Nice comments on my sister, Sue. She was so blessed by them. Thank you for being a good friend.
Aloha, Blessings,