Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where Science And Religion Meet

Louis Comfort Tiffany remains the American artist most closely identified with the Art Nouveau movement. In addition to stained glass and blown glass, he mastered metalwork, enamels, jewelry and ceramics. Pictured above is the center panel of a triptych he made in 1890 for Yale University's Linsley-Chittenden Hall.

It shows science and religion in harmony. Science, on the left, is personified by Research, Intuition, Devotion, Labor and Truth. Religion, on the right, takes the form of Reverence, Inspiration, Purity, Faith and Hope. Both are joined together in the center by Light-Love-Life. An unseen panel on the left shows Art (Form, Color and Imagination) joined to Science and the third panel, unseen on the right, joins Music (Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Verse and Voice) to Religion.

The quality and stunning beauty of the stained and leaded glass windows of Tiffany Studios have set the bar so high, their excellence has yet to be matched.