Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thomas Makes Himself At Home

It's been four years now since Thomas, the cat who visits, first jumped in through the living room window. He was quite a bit smaller then and not so wise to the ways of the world, but no less affectionate nor shy about making himself at home. He actually lives across the street, in a house with no shortage of other animals. An actual count has eluded us for years, as the neighbors have both indoor and outdoor pets in abundance. We've figured he likes to come here because he doesn't have to share food or attention. Over the years, he's claimed various spots as his own - on a quilt at the foot of the bed, a particular chair in the living room. His new spot is up high in the front window, in the shadow of an old wooden weathervane. The sunlight dapples there as it filters through the twining vine on the arbor and he's afforded a direct line of sight to the birdbath, should any of the birds let down their guard long enough to become his next meal.


High Desert Diva said...

Thomas found the perfect spot.

Ann said...

We have a cat that the children in school has adopted. It belongs to some one near the school, but it comes everyday to school. enjoying the tidbits the children give to him.

Amanda said...

I love him!