Thursday, February 5, 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friends

Iceland poppies are hard to beat for a burst of bountiful beauty this time of year. A perennial, they're treated like an annual in these parts, but put on a show for a good 4-6 months if given some care. They'll send up a steady supply of velvety flowers for either cutting or enjoying in the garden. The petals unfurl from a hairy pod that drops away cleanly. These give the best effect planted in clusters.

This is the English daisy, an often overlooked little workhorse of a plant. It not only blooms profusely but reseeds as well, for a never ending supply of plants that are easily moved around the yard as they get bigger. These work well at the front of the border, in mass plantings, or one at a time to fill in any gaps in your garden scheme.

If you're buying your plants in a six pack or 4 inch container, the tendency is usually to go for the largest plants to get your money's worth. This isn't always your best bet - often the largest plants are root bound in their containers. Pick the plants that have the fullest growth and an abundance of buds. Once they're free of their containers and into the ground, they'll take off growing. If you plant in the cool of evening, they'll have a chance to adjust themselves overnight and the shock of being transplanted won't be so severe.

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High Desert Diva said...

*sobs at the thought of having to wait until early June to plant*