Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rarest Hummingbird

Only 100 of these rare little birds have been sighted since 1885. It's the Leucistic hummingbird, not a true albino, but almost totally white. This one is busying itself with a cape honeysuckle bush in Del Mar, a town 5 miles to the south of us. Hummingbirds have the ability to judge a flower's nectar content and they prefer red and orange flowers above all others.

These photographs were taken by local wildlife photographer Chris Mayne. We were on this hummingbird's migratory path in the autumn and it seems to have chosen to stick around for the winter rather than to continue south.


High Desert Diva said...

Wonderful photos. How spectacular would it be to see one in real life?

Lindy said...

Wow! How incredibly amazing would it be to have this little creature fly up to one your hummingbird feeders or buzz around your garden!! As a wildlife photographer, wouldn't that just make your day/year? Thanks for the post! And, again, ... Wow!!