Friday, February 13, 2009

Pacific Blue

The late afternoon sun turned the water dark and sparkling, in this photograph of my daughter taken last week during our heat wave. It was shot near Swamis, just north at Boneyard's, the surf spot that gets its name from the shallow reefs that lie just under the waves. The reefs there are part of a marine reserve, so there's an abundance of fish, including bright orange garibaldis. Moray eels make their homes in crevasses in the reefs, stingrays swim along the sand and lobsters live out a bit further. The reefs themselves are covered with sea anemones and barnacles. Abalone used to thrive, but they've been scarce since the 1970s. The kelp beds haven't been harvested lately, so the thick forests of seaweed help keep the surfline glassy. For the surfers and paddlers out on the water, the only sounds are the waves, their boards moving through the water and an occasional cry of a bird.