Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Old Soldiers' Home In Sawtelle

The young boy in the sailor suit is my grandfather Otto, posing on the steps of the Sawtelle Old Soldiers' Home in 1909. His mother, Clara stands behind him and his dad is the second man to his left. Knowledge of why they rode the train north from San Diego county and what event they attended is lost to time. It had to have been a very special occasion for them to have ventured so far from home.

This second picture shows the entire group, gathered on the steps of the Home, which was designed by renowned architect Stanford White. Abraham Lincoln created the Old Soldiers' Homes, to house disabled veterans of the Civil War, as one of his last acts in office. The Home in Sawtelle was opened in 1888 and was the first one built west of the Rockies.

This is a photograph of Sawtelle, circa 1890. Located between Santa Monica and Los Angeles, Sawtelle remained an independent town until 1922, when it was absorbed by the city of Los Angeles. That's a streetcar making its way down the wide boulevard. You can see the Old Soldiers' Home at the top left of the photograph.

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High Desert Diva said...

I love old family photos. The sailor suit is so cute. Is the Old Soldiers' Home still open?