Saturday, February 7, 2009

Neighborhood Color

The flowers along our front walkway are convinced spring is already here. We just had the year's first rainfall, enough to give the ground a good soaking, which means this weekend will be the perfect time to pull weeds and do some transplanting. We collect seeds all year and let them dry out in paper grocery bags, so once the weeding is finished, fresh seeds can be scattered. As the freesias are just starting to set buds, it won't be long before their fragrance fills the garden.

Oblivious to winter, a stalk of bananas ripens over the back wall, in the neighbor's yard.


High Desert Diva said...


I hope I can find plants this year the rabbits and deer won't devour....

Ann said...

Are these bananas edible? Here in Auckland, even though we have mild weather, banana trees grow, but the fruits are too small to eat.