Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking South And Looking West

Our house has a southern and westerly exposure, so the low winter sun streams through the front windows and brightens the rooms for most of the day. The view from my chair at the desk is across the entryway and through the living room windows, out across the front yard, with a glimpse of the street where the mailbox stands.

Our street is short, not much of a thoroughfare, so the majority of passersby are on foot rather than riding in cars. Most of the houses in the neighborhood are old beach bungalows, 1960s California ranch styles, and stucco duplexes, with a few newer homes in the mix. The landscape is mostly mature, with lots of full grown eucalyptus trees, Norfolk and Torrey pines, coral and jacaranda trees and untold varieties of palms.

We live between two fresh water lagoons that are main stopping points along the Pacific Flyway migratory route, so there's no shortage of birds in our trees. We still have possums, raccoons and skunks, but the bobcats and coyotes have moved further inland as the coast has developed.

The picture below is looking west down our street, with the Pacific Ocean just beyond the camera's view, at the bottom of a 60 foot cliff.


High Desert Diva said...

Always nice to get a visual. I want to curl up in your chair with the red velvet ottoman and watch people pass by on the street.

Is there a nearby (safe) route to descend the 60 cliff to get to the sandy beach?

Very interested in the collection of 9 vases you have on the standing shelf. Are the etched metal? Inlaid?
They are very striking.

Amanda said...

Wow, the street looks so different in that picture!