Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Beguiling Begonia

You can't go wrong with angel wing begonias. These beauties will bloom all year in temperate climates, in sun or partial shade, in the ground, hanging pots or containers. Their foliage is just as beautiful as the flowers - jagged edge wing shaped leaves that are deep green and bronze, tinged with red. The best part is, once you get a plant established, you can break off a stem at one of the joints, stick it in some good potting soil, and it will root itself and take off growing as a whole new plant. You may have to stake it at first, depending on how tall a piece you break off. A kabob skewer works perfectly as a temporary stake, until the plant develops a strong enough root system to stand alone. In colder climates, these plants will adapt to spending part of the year indoors. Move the container around the house until you find a partially sunny window where your plant will thrive. Begonias will tolerate a little neglect, but with regular water, fertilizer and grooming, you'll be rewarded with a robust plant that blooms profusely.


High Desert Diva said...

I had our old yard. Might have to try some indoors.

Ann said...

Thanks for the advice of using a kebab stick. Often when I want to take a photo, the wind keeps moving the flower.