Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Austrian Master Of Art Nouveau

Koloman Moser, born in Austria in 1868, was more than an accomplished painter. As a contemporary and associate of Gustav Klimt, and a co-founder, with Josef Hoffmann of Wiener Werkstatte, he was a pillar of the Vienna Secessionist Movement and among the most highly regarded Art Nouveau artists of his time. He designed furniture, textiles, stained and leaded glass windows and created ceramics, glass and jewelry.

The picture above is an oil on canvas by Moser, titled "Dame Mit Hut Und Schleier"

The photograph below is from the book "Art Nouveau" by Gabrielle Fahr-Becker. It shows the front of a writing desk by Moser, with highly detailed marquetry that includes elm, ebony, and ivory. The women's gowns are made of inlaid mother of pearl and the wood that looks like rosewood is palisander, a very heavy tropical hardwood that, when soaked, becomes pliable enough to peel, and thus, lends itself beautifully to veneering.

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High Desert Diva said...

OMG! The writing desk....amazing work!