Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty In Pink

Peonies have long been prized for their large and often fragrant flowers. Native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America, the peony was named after Paeon, young Greek student. Legend goes that when his teacher, Asciepius, the god of medicine and healing, became jealous of him, Zeus saved Paeon by turning him into a peony flower.

One of the predominant floral symbols of China, stretching back to the earliest dynasties, the peony is currently the state flower of Indiana. It has also found favor as a tattoo motif, often depicted with a koi fish.

Thanks to Simon Koopman for sharing his striking photograph.


High Desert Diva said...

One of my favorite flowers.

Ann said...

It's so pretty.

In the old days, the courtesans in the Chinese Royal family wore big peonies on their head gear. so I always thought it is a Chinese Flower.